Are you sick of spending 280-420usd for KG of KRATOM?!?

We are not sure why so many vendors are charging upwards of 500usd for a KG of premium kratom.   There is simply not that big of a difference between our Kratom Priced from 165-180usd  PER KG, NOT POUND!  Actually more often than not customers report our Kratom is at higher quality and usually 1/2 the price.  Maybe (HIGH PRICED VENDORS)their interest in Kratom is more about the money they are making by overcharging unsuspected kratom buyers.  Maybe their motivation is not about helping you, unless you can afford to pay them 3x more.. In many cases our customers are reporting our Kratom is better than what many vendors sold them for 3x more! 

What will you find with our Premium Ground Kratom Leaf?

- De-veined and De-stemmed prior to grinding (make for smoother and more potent powder)

- 3rd grind, or the consistency of talcum powder or powder sugar

- Imported DIRECT!  Our stock does not sit in a where house for 1-2 years before shipping to you.

- All strains are from old growth trees (trees of 20+ years of age)

- Stored air tight and shipped air tight to avoid oxidation to keep a fresh product 

- Amazing prices and Crazy price drop sales!

- Importing Kratom Direct since 2008!


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