HOW DOES 118usd a KG of QUALITY KRATOM sound??  Keep reading!!

~Company Owner - Introduction~

Hi, its Drew and I started this company several years ago.  My own experience with Kratom has been an amazing one, it literally cured me of a legal opiate addition (in less than 48 hours)!*  I also know of endless stories of people that I have met with fibroid-myalgia, chronic migraines, RLS and TMJ (just to name a few) that can now get some comfort in life, yep thanks to Kratom!**  So, you might be able to tell that I have a great passion for this SUPER botanical  My passion is also reflected in our reasonably priced, QUALITY kratom! 


~Company Mission~

To provide the best and most reasonable priced Kratom! 

In a industry that is full of sketchy Kratom vendors, we pride ourselves in selling only top quality products at great prices. Simply put, if you can find a Kratom as good and cheaper(than what we carry), then you must be buying direct from my Asian kratom processor Mr.Tam.

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You are spending WAY to much because 99% of vendors dont import their own kratom!  They simply buy and resell kratom from large USA based warehouses (where stock is usually 6months - 2 years old)!!

We import our KRATOM direct from Asia!!  You PAY ACTUAL wholesale price on kratom.  Do you need bulk kratom prices?  Do you need 1-100kgs of kratom?  Do you need maneg da kratom?  Send us a email for the 


HIT THE LINK BELOW FOR 118USD kilos!!  shipped free!!! 

                                ALL MANEG Da varieties are only 118usd!!

VISIT our SISTER site that now handles all our kratom Sales

Do you need Kanna, kanna extracted, a kanna tincture? 

Do you need Blue Lotus, Blue Lotus extracts with Nuciferine Content up to 5%?   Did you know not ALL Blue Lotus Extracts are created equal?  Did you know some are actually food additives and not a nutracutical?

Do you need Fresh Yopo seeds?   Do you need FRESH HBWR seeds (Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds)?

How about many other superior botanical products?

Then find us here!!


~What makes us different?~

Well where do I start?  First, it should be known that we are new to online/bulk kratom sales; however, our parent company has been selling packaged branded Kratom to head shops and record stores for almost three years.. In fact our Kratom is in over 14 states in the US and is also being sold to vendors in Canada, Norway, Argentina and Spain!  The Kratom we sell to heads shops is the exact same quality Kratom we sell to you(with out fancy labels, and in much larger bags!)!


We pride ourselves in being the only Kratom vendor in the United States, that has a watchful eye on our Kratom all the way from the farms in Asia, to your doorstep! We visit the farms and processing facilities at least once a year. Our processor in Thailand is continually monitoring drying conditions as well as being one of the only Kratom processors to work within sterile drying facilities and all grinding/packing equipment is sterlized prior to each new production run. We also have the ability, working so close with the co-ops, that we have a 100% quality guarantee.  In other words, I don't resell  bad kratom to some poor fool or "blend" it in with other kratom. So, do we take our business too seriously? NO, we can always improve on a great thing and strive to be the VERY best kratom vendor in the N.American continent.


When it comes to Kratom we believe in the KISS(keep it simple stupid) principal and dont carry 20 varieties, but this allows us to focus on ONLY premium kratoms. We have been using the same kratom farmers, for more than 2 years, and the Kratom(s) is always very good and consistent!  In my experience even some of the biggest online Kratom stores, really have no idea what they carry(as far a quality).  We work with just two co-ops and the Kratom you buy this year, will come from the same trees next year.


We can assure you we have a quality Kratom that will suite your aroma preferences! Make sure you contact me, I love to talk Kratom!  Be it a mellow aromatic experience, a more intense , or the treasured Meang Da aroma, we got you covered!



We are a Christian based company and believe all our success is thanks to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! 

Genesis 1:29

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.......




"Keep the prices down and your quality top notch!" -- Carol, San Diego, CA

"Customer service went above and beyond to make me happy, product ROCKS!, fastest shipping ever!!" -- Weis, Morehead, KY

"My "head shop" Kratom sales were only 3% of total sales, until I found you guys.  Now over 20% of our business is "xxx kratom", thank you!" -- Obadia's Smoke Shops, Indianapolis, IN


~Buyers Contract~

1. Kratom is sold for research purposes only, not for human consumption.

2. You must be at least 18 years of age to order from this site. 

3. Do to the nature of this product, once you open the seal you CANT return your order!  The Kratom we sell is of TOP quality, if you need a small respective sample attached to your kilo(to assure quality) LET US KNOW!!  We will only take returns on orders that request this sample and have not opened the kilo(s).  The BUYER will cover all postal fees to return the order, as well as a 10% restock fee, and we will allow the credit of this order be applied to another item.  We feel this is the BEST QUALITY KRATOM guarantee in the business!!

4. All attempts are made to ensure orders are sent same day, or the nest business day.  We use USPS with Registration 2-3 business days for expected delivery.  Other options for delivery are available for additional fees.

5. We do not ship or sell to Kratom to Thailand, Bhutan, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Malaysia and Myanmar.. Sorry, we agree its ridiculous and encourage you to write and educate your elected officals!

6. We promise to only sell you Kratom from our trusted vendors, we know the quality and refuse to sell "junk" Kratom

7. You promise to not hold us or any of our parent or sister companies liable for any misuse of our products.  Again you confirm that you are buying Kratom from us for botanical research, to make incense, for external purposes ONLY!  NOT FOR INTERNAL USE OR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!

VISIT our SISTER site that now handels all our Kratom Sales!

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quick shipping kratom or can you overnight me kratom?  I need kratom fast so can you overnight it to me?  Do you have anyidea how much a USPS overnight envelope costs??!!  Its almost $30 and there is no promise from USPS that it make it overnight..  Plan ahead when ordering kratom!!  

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Ive seen vendors selling KRATOM ONLINE for cheap prices.  We look for vendors who have years of experience importing the kratom leaf that we buy online.  The owner of Botanical Zen has been importing Kratom sine 2008, so he knows a great deal about how to avoid low quality kratom.  

 video on new stock of premium kratom

In this video see $118 dollar Green, White and Red Maeng Da Kratom!  Current stock at Botanical Zen!!!

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